Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Resurrection

Well its been quite awhile since my last post here. I took a break from the reviews at a awkward time as you can tell by my failed attempt of Kung-Fu Christmas. I decided this month after I was done with the matter that took me away from this, I would come right back. And I am here again. I plan on doing some new reviews along with fixing some of my older works on here. So welcome again to B-Movie Holocaust and I hope this run will be better than last year.

Also to see some of the things I had been doing in my absence you can clink the image below, or just wait for my post I will be doing in a bit.
(Right click View Image to see better.)


  1. They can't -- no one can anymore. If you don't believe me, text Tiger Woods and ask him.
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  2. Good! A poifect speciman
    for our

    Q: Do you believe in Hell?
    Many people people dont.
    A: ...yet, that certainly doesnt
    prevent Jesus from turning-you-away
    from Seventh-Heaven precisely cuzz
    you sinned gravely AND didnt repent,
    thinking you're your own god.
    Thus, really you who hate Jesus:
    you can deny Hellfire until you're
    engulfed in the Abyss o'Misery.

    All-Mighty God love U.S.
    extravagantly passionate...
    yet, even God has limits:
    when we sinfull mortals croak,
    THAT'S His limit.

    God bless your indelible soul.
    Yes, earthling, Im an NDE.