Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kung-fu Khristmas Day 2


____"Riki-Oh: Story Of Ricky"(1991)____

Directed by:
Lam Ngai Kai
(Riki-Oh)Siu-Wong Fan
(Assistant Warden)Mei Sheng Fan
(Warden Sugiyama)Ka-Kui Ho
Alternate Titles:
Story of Ricky
King of Strength

On the "second" day of Kung-Fu Khristmas, my DVD store brought to me, one incredibly gory movie. If you're a fan of gore then you should definitely know this film. Why? Because this is probably one of the goriest films I have ever seen, and probably one of my favorite movies at the moment. I am in love with Riki-Oh: Story Of Ricky. Riki-Oh is filled to the brim with brutal gore, fights and cheese. The film never loses your interest and makes you sit there waiting for what will happen next. I really consider it a forgotten gem, and I'm ecstatic that I could get myself a copy of this awesome film. Now lets get some back story on this film. I first heard of the film from's pod cast "Lets Do This!". They mentioned how crazy the movie was numerous times and they got me interested in it. I decided to look it up, and after seeing a few clips I knew right away I had to own this film. I can really go on saying how crazy, bad ass, action packed and all that other crap, but lets start to actually talk about the film itself. Its based on a Japanese comic by the same name, created by Masahiko Takajo and Saruwatari Tetsuya. Ive seen a bit of the comic, and its worth checking out, close to the film and has good art. It goes on a bit more then the film did and the plot is slightly different. For instance, in the comic Riki-Oh's girlfriend isn't dead, but in a coma. You also see more of the assistant warden, and the drug dealer who he kills isn't actually dead, but he is very fucked up. One of the Gang Of Four gets a pitchfork stuck in his head and he has it for the rest of the comic, but in the movie it never happens(Which is a shame, because that would have been great). The comic also had Ricky's brother in it, which the movie does not. Its actually pretty strange I liked this film so much, because I'm not a big fan of a lot of Japanese gore films. For example the Tokyo shock films(speaking of Tokyo Shock, they released this on DVD). The Story of Ricky just had a different feeling to it, and really makes it more entertaining to me. The film was one of the first to gain a level/category 3 rating in Hong Kong, basically meaning no one younger than 18 can get the film. This was just for its gore, since there is basically no nudity(aside from a ass shot in a early scene).

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The movie is set in 2001 in a futuristic world where all government institutions have been privatized, including prisons. It follows Riki-Oh, a man sentenced for man slaughter after killing a man(The drug dealer, who like I said, doesn't die in the comic). You learn right away Riki is a freaking bad ass, what do expect from a man who has bullets stuck in him, that he called "souvenirs". You later find out he killed because of the death of his girlfriend(as shown in flash backs), which itself is pretty hilarious. The prison he's at is run by the dangerous Gang of Four, each of the four run a different area of the prison. They are hired by the evil warden Sugiyama to contain and control the prisoners. The movie starts up with a incident involving a man trying to get Parole to see his family, and ending up a horrible fate because of the leader Oscar. Riki after seeing this decides to get rid of all the evil in the prison, one person at a time. He then goes off and kills some of Oscar's goons easily, one of which a giant fat beast of a man named Zorro. This leads to some horrifying scenes including a man who falls forward into spikes, disemboweling, and a punch right through the gut. Word of this gets to the assistant warden, a fat man with a hook hand and a fake eye that dispenses mints(Yes, mints.). The Assistant warden then orders Oscar to kill of Riki, and lets him use...The "knife". This plan obviously fail and Oscar is done away with in a great fig. This fight includes Ricky sewing his tendons back together, and Oscar choking Riki with his own intestines. After this, the Gang of Four make their presence, and the famous head smashing scene is shown.
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This made famous by the daily show. The rest of the film has Ricky going through hell and horrible tortures by the rulers of the prison. I don't want to give away too much of the film, because its really worth going into it not knowing much. I will say something about the end fight. Think the lawn mower scene in Dead Alive, but turn that lawn mower on its back and there you go. I really recommend this film with all of my heart, its really a classic in my book. If you call yourself a gorehound, a kung-fu freak, or a exploitation, horror, or bad films fan, this is a definite must see. Everything is awesome, from the massive porno collection in the assistant warden's office, to a prisoner singing "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones while getting off the toilet. Its Dead Alive with Kung Fu. If you cant find the film at your local video store, I just so happened to find the full film uploaded here on Google.
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Favorite Scene: Favorite would be the fight with Tarzan.

5 out of 5
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"You'll die mutilated today!"


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