Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bruce Is Turning In His Grave..

___"Fist Of Fear, Touch Of Death"(1980)___

Directed by:
Matthew Mallinson
Fred Williamson
Ron Van Clief
Adolph Caesar
(Himself and Kato)Bill Louie
Aaron Banks
"The 3 Greatest Masters! Bruce Lee, Fred Williamson, Ron Van Clief"

This movie is stupid. I'm angry that I spent one dollar on this piece of shit. First, this isn't a Bruce Lee movie, as much as it wants you to believe it is. This was made 7 years after his death, and is a mockumentary on Bruce Lee and a event on finding a successor of Bruce Lee. So why is Bruce Lee credited in this film? Well because they constantly use stock footage of Bruce and re dub it. This is barley a movie, this is just a bunch of bullshit. The only parts that were actually filmed for the film were the segments with Adolph Caesar, Fred Williamson, Bill Louie, Ron Van Clief, Aaron Banks, and the fights in Madison Square Garden. I would have thought that they just invaded some event and started filming real people fighting..If one of the first fights you see has a man getting his eyeballs ripped out. Now all those people I mentioned play themselves in the film, except for Bill Louie who plays Kato in one part of the film. Most of the actors arnt even in the film that much except Adolph Caesar who does interviews and narrates the event and film.


Lets look at some of the cast here. This is the first film of Matthew Mallinson, who produced another film I reviewed here called "Don't Go Into The House". He went on make the films Unmasking the Idol, Caged Fury, Chameleon Street, and a few more. It stars Fred Williamson, Football player and Blaxsploitation star. You might know him from the Black Cobra series, or his role in From Dusk Till Dawn. You might also know the voice of Adolph Caesar from the trailer of From Dusk Till Dawn. The plot of the film...There really isn't one. At first you might think this is a mystery/action film on the death of Bruce Lee. They say Bruce was killed by a technique called the touch of death. The idea of it it loosely used throughout the film and really isn't the major plot point of the film. The main plot of the film is a fictional dramatization of Bruce Lee's life through use of footage from other shows/movies and redubbing them. Only 10 percent of the film is new material. They use clips from the 1950's film "Thunderstorm" in the segments about Bruce as a young man, and his family who doesn't accept his dreams of being a black belt. Throughout this they constantly make reference to Bruce's great grandfather who was a famous Samurai. Samurai's being Japanese, Bruce being Chinese. They use clips from a Chop Socky film called "the Invincible Super Chan". I found it funny that the clips with Bruce and his "family" are in black and white, and the clips of his "Grandfather" are in color. There really isn't much to say about this stuff it takes up most of the movie and its just bullshit. Now lets get to the stuff they actually shot. Theres one short segment with Fred Williamson having him wake up and get a ride to Masion Square Garden. This is a dull scene and all I got from it is never call Fred Williamson Harry Belafonte. Then theres the part with Ron Van Clief which is short and has him saving a girl from being raped. Another segment was a re-enactment of Bruce Lee as Kato, and once again has girls being almost raped. I'm pretty sure the girl from the Ron Van Clief segment shows up again in the Kato scene. In it Bill Louie is Kato, a mustache adorned Kato. Come on Bill you really could have shaved it off. He is no where close to being on the level of Bruce and just comes off as silly.

The movie's ending pissed me off a bit. I thought Fred, Ron and Bill were going to fight in Madison Square Garden, but no luck. You don't even see Ron and Bill there, you just get the occasionally shot of Fred Williamson looking at the ring. The film ends with just a normal fight between two people I've never heard of. I'm not sure if the winner is going to be the next Bruce Lee, or if theres still more fights to come. Honestly I don't really care. This is a terrible movie, and probably one of the worst Brucesploitation films you can find. I would have rather seen some guy pretending to be Bruce then this. Its one of worst movies I've ever seen and is a disgrace to Bruce Lee.

Best Scene:Guy rips out a mans eyes and Bill Louie as a very lame Kato.

1 Out Of 5


Alternate Titles:
The Dragon and the Cobra

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