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Victor B. Demented


___"Victor Juliet's Director's cut"(2009)___

Directed by:
Victor Juliet
Victor Juliet
Peter Thomas
Rachel Ward
Tag Lines:
"Thrill to the excitement of Zombies! Vampires! Lesbians!"

You know my friends, you could learn a good lesson from Mr. Juliet here; HE SENDS ME MOVIES! The fact the guy sent it for free makes it great already, but the fact the movie is actually really good helps a lot. I have to do a quick apology for taking so long to review the film. I was busy, and put it off, but my conscious got to me and here I am reviewing it. Now this movie is by Victor Juliet, who I met from the movie site (A great review site). He asked me if I care to review his film, and who takes down a free movie? So before Victor Juliet comes over here himself to confront me on his film, lets get to the review. The movie follows Victor Juliet, a independent horror filmmaker who uses Guerrilla style film making. No permits, no rules, no regrets for this film maker, using hobos as crew and killing actual people for the sake of his art.
The movie is a low budget indie film by Fiendish Films and Victor Juliet. The movie is broken up into 5 acts, the first two about the short film "Will Work For Food". One being the short film, and the second being a documentary about the making of the film. The rest follow Victor Juliet and his crew making the films "Grave Site 2" and "Wrath of the Necromancer". This leads to a pretty interesting set up for a film, having a movie within a movie along with a few other movies also in it. The characters are Victor(Director), Rachel Ward(Actress and assistant), James(Actor, and part of the body count) and Peter Thomas (Assistant, shoots shit). The second act, "Will Direct For Food" is set up like a documentary and my favorite act, and one of the funniest. Its got a lot of good humor and fills you in about who the character's are and how that first act came to be. The rest follow the group as they make "Grave Site 2" and respond to a review of it.
First act is a short about a homeless bum by the name of James. Hes standing by the road with a sign that says "Will Work For Food". A man by the name of Adam picks him up by the side of the road and takes him to his house. There he feeds James some food and tells him the job he has. He announces to James that he has a dead person in his basement, and his job is to help him dispose of the body. James accepts and he goes down into the basement with him. There he is surprised to find there is no one dead in the basement.You can fill in the rest...This is a pretty interesting opening, and the story is pretty good. Though I did catch the ending a bit early, its still a good twist. The second act, "Will Direct For Food" is set like a documentary about the making of "Will Work For Food". The next act is called "Call Back", this is about Sara Bellinger. Sara was called back for a audition for Victor's new horror film "Wrath Of The Necromancer". She is picked up by Peter and taken to the set; there she is shackled to a wall and killed by a actor named Bruce. This one is a bit slow, but there is a bit of gore and shows what Victor is willing to do to make a film. The next act is "Test Screening", this is about Victor making a deal with some dealers of a special serum that kills anyone who drinks it, and turns them into a fucked up looking zombie. They test it out on Bruce, and after vomiting a large amount of blood, he turns into a zombie. Victor decides to use this serum to help make their film Grave Site 2, the sequel to his movie Grave Site. They get the movie done, and a reviewer by the name of
Abigale Smith gets a hold of the film. Abigale is a reviewer and like the back of the case promotes, a lesbian. She writes a scathing review of the film which just so happens to get to Victor Juliet himself. This irks him so badly that he decides to confront her himself. This leads to a pretty awesome fight scene with samurai swords and a clever debate on reviewing and film making. Abigale then does away with Victor. This is what I always say, yes Swords are cool weapons..But guns are so much more effective. I mean yes it would have made the fight very short, but he probably would have survived. But for the sake of entertainment, it works well. The movie ends with Abigale and other fellow reviewers talking about what if they killed off bad film makers they deemed horrible? The movie ends pretty open and leaves you wanting to see exactly what this group ends up doing after the film. The idea of a vigilante group of reviewers murdering movie directors is a very interesting idea. I personally wouldn't do it, because without these bad film makers id be reviewing stuff like The Godfather and Citizen Kane, and who cares about those films!?
In the end I was surprised, exactly how good the film was. I had my doubts at first, but after watching it, I can say I liked it. The acting was decent, I didn't want to judge it too much, but my favorite actors are Victor and his crew. I liked the second and last two acts a lot, but I felt it went a too slow during the first and third act. After seeing this, I feel like I could watch this film again and still be as entertained. I'll have to go check out their series called "the Fiends", which I have yet to watch. If you want to see a interesting film about demented film makers, then check this film out. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Mr. Juliet. So in conclusion, all I have to say is...Absolutely Splendid.

You can buy the film here

Scares:3/5 I did jump once during James's transformation
Favorite Part: The making of Will Work For Food

4 out of 5




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