Thursday, November 26, 2009

Main Course

_____"Blood Freak"(1972)____
Directed by:
Brad F. Grinter
Steve Hawkes
(Herschell)Steve Hawkes
(Angel)Heather Hughes
(Ann)Dana Cullivan
"Only the blood of drug addicts can satisfy the thirst of the blood freak monster!"
"A Dracula On Drugs!"

Well while you can get quite a few horror movies for Christmas and Halloween, thanksgiving is a little harder. But there are a few out there available for your unfortunate viewing "pleasure". I picked, what I believe is the oldest. Blood Freak, not to be mistaken with Blood Feast. Now, theres only one way to go about a horror movie like this, mutant turkey. Oh, but that's not all, Blood Freak goes the distance by also having Jesus and Drugs! I'm gonna be honest here, this movie makes no fucking sense, its felt like watching a insane fever dream induced by Turkey Overdose! I mean, this is probably one of the weirdest, and worst films I have ever seen. The weird thing is, its so crazy and bad I kind of like it for some reason. Now lets just jump right into Blood Freak.
The only child of Ex-Tarzan actor Steven Hawkes, who directed, starred and wrote the film. His partner in crime is Brad F. Grinter who directed Devil Rider! and Flesh Feast, another horrible movie. The film, from what I can tell from the main character and name is a homage to Herschell Gordon Lewis, the godfather of gore. The film opens with a monologue by who I believe is Brad F. Grinter. The guy just rambles from time to time, and really doesn't do anything. Why does he know this story? Why is he there? Shouldn't Herschell be telling it? Oh well. The guy kinda reminds me of Bela Lugosi in Glen or Glenda. Herschell is a Vietnam vet who picks up a girl by the name of Angel. Angel is a goody two shoes. She and Herschell go to her house, where her sister Ann is throwing a party with a bunch of druggies. Angel takes him there and tells him not to take any drugs. Who takes a person to a drug party to not do drugs? Better question is who goes to a drug party just to read the Bible to people!? This is where the Jesus element comes in as Angel is very religious. Ann on the other hand is planning on hooking Herschell and having him all for herself. How does she go about it? She calls him a coward and next thing you know he's sky high and getting in her pants.
Herschell was set up with a job at a turkey farm by Angel, there he is subjected to a experimental drug turkey. After eating it, Herschell goes into convulsions and turns into A TURKEY HEADED MUTANT BLOOD FREAK! Yep, hes no Dracula, just a fucked up looking Turkeyman. Hershell goes to Ann and writes her a note explaining his situation. This is when the film takes a strange turn and I lose track of whats happening. Herschell wanders off and kills various drug addicts in some shack that suddenly appeared. He craves the blood of drug addicts Something I noticed, There is one scream recorded for every person, but its just repeated. This, the music and just the look of this film make me feel sick. I can imagine watching this while on drugs. He is then attacked by some guy who cuts his head off; then the film cuts to a turkey/chicken without a head running around. Herschell is then found without a turkey head in the woods. He is going through withdrawals and having a breakdown, but he is saved by JESUS! Yes, Jesus saves the day. The film ends with Herschell and Ann at the beach.
This movie is fucked up, makes no sense, boring and painful at times. Yet I had fun watching this fucked up movie. The film, while not as bad as Billy The Kid Vs. Dracula, is worse then Manos: The Hands Of Fate. I want to thank horror host Jebediah Buzzard for posting the whole film up, without your video, I wouldn't be able to review this.

Best Scene: Turkey killing drug addicts and drinking their blood.

1.5 out of 5

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