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____"Blood Feast"(1963)___

Directed by:
Herschell Gordon Lewis

(Fuad Ramses)Mal Arnold
(Detective Pete Thornton)Thomas Wood
(Suzette Fremont)Connie Mason

Tag Lines:
"Adult Horror!"
"A Weird, Grisly Ancient Rite Horrendously Brought To Life In Blood Color"
"Nothing so appalling in the annals of horror!"
"You'll Recoil and Shudder as You Witness the Slaughter and Mutilation of Nubile Young Girls - in a Weird and Horrendous Ancient Rite!"
"A weird and grisly ancient rite horrendously brought to life"
"A nightmare of pure gore in BLOOD COLOR"

Brought onto DVD by the good people over at Something Weird Video Blood Feast is the first horror movie by director Herschell Gordon Lewis. I first heard of Mr. Lewis from a little gore film by the name of Wizard Of Gore. I was really entertained by its bad acting, graphic gore, and strange story. I still didn't know who we was though. Later on through a book of horror posters, I came upon the poster for Blood Feast. The poster itself is a masterpiece being red and white, and showing a image of Fraud going to work on some young woman. I love the gimmicks like Blood Color and the fact they advertise on it that Playboy model Connie Mason is in the film. I got interested in the man's work and got to searching through his filmography and here we are. I got the DVD for about 8 bucks at my local DVD store along with his other film "2000 Maniacs" and "Five Fingers Of Death"; so look forward to those reviews.

Something Weird put out a nice DVD, with specials features and commentary by Herschell and producer/composer David F. Friedman. I would say worth the money; theres even a boxset out by Something Weird with more of Lewis's films, excluding a few like Blood Feast. Now Blood Feast is a early form of gory splatter flicks, and had people dying with eyes open; something you didn't see that often. Earlier Gore films include Hammer's Dracula and Frankenstein series, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Eyes Without a Face, Fiend Without A Face, ect. The term Splatter film was said to have been created by George Romero when describing Dawn Of The Dead. Now lets move on to the American Godfather of Gore himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis.
Mr. Lewis started into the film industry doing nudie cutie sexpolitation films along with David F. Friedman like "The Adventures of Lucky Pierre", "Goldilocks and The Three Bares", "Boin-n-g", "Living Venus" and more. Getting tired of the genre they took a stab at horror with the film "Blood Feast". Lewis and Friedman did 2 other horror films after "Blood Feast", "2000 Maniacs", and "Color Me Blood Red". Fans of these films dubbed these three as "The Blood Trilogy". Herschell continued to make Exploitation films until 1972, with his film "The Gore Gore Girls". It was 32 years later until Herschell made a sequel to this film, the direct to DVD film "Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat". He is currently on a new project called Grim Fairy Tale.

Blood Feast is a strange film. The film, made cheap is a trippy gore film about Egyptian Gods and Ceremonies and the murders of young women. The film is about Egyptian caterer Fuad Ramses who is a follower of the Egyptian Goddess Ishtar. The funny thing about that goddess is the fact shes not Egyptian, but actually Babylonian. Ishtar was the god of fertility, love, and war. The movie opens up with a bang showing Fuad killing a woman in her bathtub with a machete and gathering her remains. Fuad is gathering the remains of these slaughtered women for the Feast of Ishtar; the Blood Feast. To fulfil the blood feast on the day, you must sacrifice a young woman to the goddess and you will get a vision of her. Fuad, who wrote a book on ancient Egyptian culture and beliefs is killing women who are part of a book club who are reading the book. Hot on the case of the murders is Det. Pete Thornton, and Frank the police captain. Det. Thornton's girlfriend Suzette Fremont(Connie Mason) is the main course in this buffet of gore as her mother has hired Fuad to make a feast for a party for her on the day of the Blood Feast. Fuad is eventually caught in the act of trying to sacrifice Suzette and is chased by Det. Thronton. They chase him into a empty lot where Fuad foolishly jumps into a garbage truck and is crushed in the trash compactor.
I really enjoyed the film, it has that weird feeling of a old grindhouse film, but it is in better condition then others like Dont Go Into The House. The gore in the film is pretty horrific, like the bathtub death or the girl who gets her head cut open. The acting isnt great at all, and very cheese ball, but thats what makes me like it it all the more. The guy who plays Fuad is so strange looking, especially his eyebrows. He also has a strange limp in the film that isn't really explained. Its like hes got Torgo Syndrome. I love the fact that in the last minute they give a quick summary of the events that just happened at the end. Blood Feast is a cheesy classic that has tons of gore, schlock and enough camp to keep you entertained.

Gore:4/5 Theres lots of gore, but you don't really see any one get really cut, they usually cut away when hes slicing people up
Best Scene: The poster with the head line LEGS CUT OFF

3.5 out of 5


Alternate Titles:
Blood Feast
Egyptian Blood Feast
Feast of Flesh
Orgie sanglante
"Oh dear! The guests will have to eat hamburgers for dinner tonight."


  1. Wow, this movie just shot to #1 on my must watch list. Thanks for the informative review! I was not aware this film was about a strange religious cult sacraficing women, Ive been looking for films dealing with that subject matter cause Im writing something with these themes. So far Ive seen a couple of films with this theme:

    Silent Hill, Wicker Man (the original of course), Bad Dreams, Lord of Illusions...thanks again!

  2. If you want more check out Race With The Devil, Devil's Rain, and Night of the Demon.