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Savagely Boring


____"Savage Weekend"(1979)____

Directed by: David Paulsen
(Nicky)Christopher Allport
(Mac Macauley)David Gale
(Otis)William Sanderson
(Marie Sales Pettis)Marilyn Hamlin
Tag Lines:
"You have been chosen. You are doomed. Prepare for.... SAVAGE WEEKEND"

Well its Labor Day weekend, a time were we all get a little time off to relax. So while your taking the day off, I'll be reviewing this shitty late 70's slasher exploitation flick. I had first heard of this movie through another reviewer, the Cinema Snob, who did a great review of it. It took me awhile till I actually got to seeing the film, and after seeing
Savage Weekend is one of the many slasher films that came out during the late 70s/80's with masked killers murdering people . The film, being made in 1976, 2 years before John Carpenter's Halloween had came out, the film was actually released in 1980's. Both movies about silent masked killers killing groups of friends, but unlike Halloween this movie wasn't remembered that much, and for some obvious reasons. This movie is the baby of a Mr. David Paulsen, being his first and only horror movie. Aside from this the man's made episodes of Dallas and Dynasty and a few other films. Which brings me to another thing. Ive noticed many of the people working on this film ended up being in episodes of Dynasty and Dallas around 1980. Just a weird little fact.

Now onto the movie. Savage Weekend is about a group of friends going down to the country to see a boat get made, and to have some fun. If you didn't know they were in the country then the banjo music in the opening credits, and throughout the movie will surely remind you. The movie starts with a woman in blood spattered white, barley wearing anything running off in the woods getting chased by a man with a chainsaw, it cuts off before anything happens, you probably assume she was killed. The group consists of Marie, a woman who decides to take a vacation with her new lover and their friends, to get away from her Ex husband. Then theres Shirley, the other sex crazed girl in the group who comes with her douchey boy friend. Then theres Jay, Shirley's boyfriend, and Mac, Marie's boyfriend. Then theres Nicky the gay guy. Marie is haunted by visions of her Ex watching her as she has sex with various people in the movie. Really thats all the people in this movie do, fuck, talk, and act awkward. Then theres Nicky who is seen in the first ten minutes kick some serious ass and provides some great acting and dialog. His character seems to be obsessed with Shirley, and hates her boyfriend. I would go more into the other characters, but fuck them they're boring.
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The main problem with this movie, is the fact its so boring. The movie probably would have worked better for me, if it had a little less talky, talky, and a little more killy, killy. I mean the killer doesn't even kill anyone until 50 minutes into this film. I would have forgiven it if it had interesting dialog, good build up, and likable characters, but sadly that is not the case with Savage Weekend. The only good character is Nicky, or "Mother Nicky" as he likes to call himself, hes the gay guy and comic relief. Nicky is played by Christopher Allport (Dead And Buried, Jack Frost 1-2) who does a great job in the film, and is pretty much the saving grace of this film. Sadly Mr. Allport died recently in a avalanche. Besides him there is David Gale(Fucking Dr. Hill from Re-Animator) and William Sanderson(True Blood and Blade Runner).
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The movie provides a lot of Red Herrings on who the killer is. The biggest being Otis, a man living out in the country who supposedly killed a woman and branded her with a H, because thats how he spells whore. He's often seen at a graveyard talking to dead people. Mac hired to help build his boat, which by his crazy ramblings you can tell he doesn't want to do. The movie also tries to get you to think its either Nicky, Marie, or Sam, one of the workers Marie tries to fuck in a really awkward scene involving a cow and milk. The killer wears one of those old shock masks, and kinda looks like a guy with pieces of flesh missing from his face. At first I thought that mask was stupid, but it slowly grew on me, then at the last minute I began to hate it again. He's the typical creep around, don't make a noise killer and there really isnt anything to him. Hes just there all of a sudden, no explanation. The kills are also pretty pathetic. With some piss poor hangings and stabbings there really isn't that much of the red stuff till the climax. Even then theres really nothing that great. the movie ends with the killer hanging jay, and ruining a rather interesting strip tease scene with Shirley and Nicky. Nicky is killed by a needle in the head, which sadly is quick and not that shocking. The real thing that pisses me off is you show the guy kicking some ass earlier, yet he doesn't even get to fight back against the killer, hes just stabbed and wham dead. The killer then grabs Shirley and straps her to a table saw. He goes to plug in the saw, but cant find the switch. He gives up on this as he hears Mac and Marie enter the house. He throws Mac out a window and reveals himself to Marie. Now remember me mentioning her seeing her husband as shes fucking right? Yeah well guess who the killer is. Marie escapes and runs off into the woods barley wearing anything but a white gown..Hmm déjà vu..
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The movie ends with some fighting, chainsaw attacks, and some use of a machete. Otis comes to the rescue and kills the killer. The movie ends with Otis going back to the graveyard to talk to some more dead people as some unusually cheery music plays. Now the movie is not good, by all means. As a movie its not good, as a horror film its not good, and as a exploitation film its not even good. Theres just so little to it, its really just fucking, talking and some killing thrown in at the last minute. Another blatant thing is the fact you can see Boom Mikes through out the whole film. It shows up so much, it could have gotten a credit under cast. SW had the potential to be a good slasher movie, but falls short on material. So if you happen to be in the mood for some horror this Labor Day weekend, I don't recommend Savage Weekend. A movie that should stay forgotten in the dark void that is Public Domain.
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Gore: 1/5
Cheese :3/5
Best Scene:Tango and Sleaze, the Strip tease with Nicky and Shirley.

2.5 out of 5
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Alternate titles:
The Killer Behind the Mask
The Upstate Murders

"Well would you move if someone put a nail through you? I wouldn't even wiggle.."

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  1. Man look how young Will Sanderson is? I have heard of this film, but had no idea he was in it.