Monday, September 28, 2009

Meat Head

______"Zombi Holocaust"(1980)______

Directed by:
Marino Girolami
(Dr. Peter Chandler)Ian McCulloch
(Lori Ridgeway)Alexandra Delli Colli
(Susan Kelly)Sherry Buchanan
(Dr. Obrero/Dr. Butcher)Donald O'Brien
(George Harper)Peter O'Neal
Tag Lines:
"Not for the faint-hearted..."
"He's a depraved, homicidal killer...and he makes house calls!"
"Tonight The Dead Will Rise Again"

Jesus Christ, Italian zombie movies. Do you like Italian horror movies? Do you like gore and nudity? Do you like Lucio Fulci's Zombi? What about Cannibal Holocaust? Ever wanted to see them smashed into on film, with a hint of Frankenstein/Re-animator? Well then you got Zombi Holocaust. Also known as Dr. Butcher M.D.(Medical Deviant), this is kinda a strange zombie film. While in Zombi 2 they're in a jungle being attacked by the undead. This movie the Zombies are more like slaves. They're not really out to eat anyone, in fact they don't really even do much. Now, having zombies that don't eat people...that's boring, we cant have a zombie film without flesh eating. Well guess what? This has cannibals! The fucking Cannibals act more like zombies, then the zombies themselves.

Now were gonna have a quick history lesson. Lets go back to 1978, George Romero has made his sequel to Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead. Another famous horror film maker Dario Argento has been hired to make a European version, under the name Zombi. This is a great hit, and inspires many, many others to make films to cash in on this film. That brings us to Lucio Fulci, the Italian gore-maestro. He decides to make a Zombie film, by the name of Zombi 2. Made one year later, the film has very little similarities with Dawn Of The Dead, beside the big fact theres Zombies. This is probably one of my favorite Zombie movies, and is just awesome. Its about a group who goes to check out a island and stumble upon the dead rising up. This film gave birth to a very unusual movie series. Following Zombi 2, is Zombi 3; a sequel to a unofficial sequel to Dawn Of The Dead. This movie also like Zombi 2, has no real connection to Zombi 2. While Fulci did direct some of the film, its Bruno Mattei who really did more. Bruno Mattei is also the man who did the zombie movie "Hell Of The Living Dead". Now here's where I get fucking confused..So Dawn Of The Dead came out in 1978, Zombi 2 in 1979, and Zombi 3 in 1988. But Hell Of The Living Dead, who's alt titles are "Zombi 4" and "Zombi 5: Ultimate Nightmare"; came out in 1980. Yeah.

So the official series is Zombi(Dawn Of The Dead), then Zombi 2, then Zombi 3. But thanks to the company shriek show, we now have Zombi 4: After Death, and Zombie 5: Killing Birds. Not to mention the others that have been released as sequels like:
Zombie 3: Return of the Zombies
Zombie 4: A Virgin Among the Living Dead
Zombie 5: Revenge In the House of Usher
Zombie 6: Monster Hunter, which itself is a pseudo-sequel to Athropophagus

Now lets move on here; Zombie Holocaust, or Dr. Butcher M.D. This is a crazy fucking movie; first off I have to say how cool of a title is Dr. Butcher M.D. That's just a awesome name. Well the story is about a string of incidents happening in a hospital where cadavers have been tampered with, with pieces taken from them. The person who was doing it is obvious from the start, I actually pointed him out in the first scene where they find a cadaver with a hand cut off. I mean hes weird looking, but hes also starts looking side to side, and does weird stuff. Well the culprit, ends up being a former native of a island. He's caught trying to pull a Jason Goes To Hell on a cadaver and then proceeds to jump out a window. This, me and my brother(who watched it with me) has to see a few times. When he first jumps out it looks real..that is until the dummy hits the ground, and his arm fly off and slides into a corner. Seriously, the arm flies off. Only to have him with both arms fully attached in the next scene.You follow Lori, a woman who because of Dr. Chandler, is dragged into this mess. She is called in because of the mysterious mark found on the tribesman.The sign to me, looks a lot like the Honda symbol. She and Chandler are Anthropologists. Dr. Peter Chandler, who is played by Ian McCulloch; who was also in Zombi 2. Lori is disturbed as she is visited in the night by a thief who takes her ceremonial sacrificial dagger. The good Dr. sets up a expedition with his assistant George, a nosey journalist named Susan(Who was in the Jaws rip off Tentacles) Before They set off for their destination in the Moloto Archipelago Islands, they go to Dr. Obrero. Dr. Obrero helps tell them what they're looking for, where to go, and what to do. This is when Lori while changing is left a pretty gruesome present by one of the natives. Which brings me to another weird thing. Why is it whenever she is changing, they play weird funk music in the background, completely tripped me out when I heard it. Now Dr. Obrero lends them his servant Molotto to help guide them to the tribe of Kito, and also throws in a few Asian workers. Once again I already can tell something is strange with Molotto, maybe its the fact his name means he had black and white parents. The actor who played him, was also in Zombi 2. Also why is his name the same as the area he lives in?

This is where the movie kinda gets boring. I really wasn't expecting them to go off on a island adventure, I kinda wanted it just to be about some guy who's stealing body parts from hospitals and making a evil zombie army. In fact, let me remake this film; ill cast Jeff Goldblum as the Dr., and change it up a bit. No cannibals this time, he sneaks into hospitals stealing cadavers and pieces them up into Frankenstein Zombie creatures. You can have the hero's still be Dr. Chandler, Lori, Susan and George. Any who, they don't reach their destination, because the ship breaks down. They decide to get to the closest island and walk around. They call Obrero on the radio and he tells them of a mission not to far from them, and how hes going to meet them there. This is where things start to come off a little weird. Its not long before they get attacked by cannibals. While the Asians are killed in pretty gruesome ways, and George and Susan are dragged off. George is horribly killed; this scene has a pretty good eye gouging scene. Chandler, Molotto and Lori would have fallen the same fate if it wasnt for the undead finally showing themselves. You have a movie called Zombi Holocaust, and yet there is barley any zombies, and they don't even eat people. Now the zombies are decent looking; they look like the left overs from Burial Ground: Nights Of Terror, and Zombi 2. They head down to the Mission and are surprised to be greeted by Dr. Obrero..Hmm..

Well Dr. Obrero tells them about a dingy on the shore of a island. Chandler and Lori then go off for it, but don't get on because Chandler puts two and two together, figuring out something is a miss with what happened with Dr. Obrero. They head back to the Mission and find out that it was actually him behind all this. He made the natives go back to cannibalism; and he also created the zombies. Hence the name Dr. Butcher, M.D. He kills Susan, using her brain for one of his horrible experiments. Chandler is knocked out and strapped to a gurney; while Lori is carried away by the Cannibals. This is where shit gets crazy. Susan goes through a ritual where she becomes the queen of the cannibals, wearing nothing but some body paint goes and leads them to the mission where they stop Dr. Butcher and kill him and Molotto. Chandler and Lori embrace and the movie ends.

The movie is a strange one, its got the whole feel of a Italian zombie flick, and the fact it also has cannibals is a plus. The movie is hilariously cheesy and that scene where the arm flies off the dummy is probably one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. The movies got a good amount of nudity, especially at the end where you see Lori bare naked laying in a stone tablet, spread eagle. The gore is also pretty good with some pretty memorable kills, like the spike trap, and the boat propeller zombie kill. You can get this via the DVD releasing company, Shriek Show in a box set along with two other zombie films. Overall I was kinda disappointed in where it went, but I was still very entertained while watching it, and it has rewatchability, especially if you have friends around.


Best Scene: The Dummy fall, or the Cannibal attack

3 out of 5

Alternate Titles:
Zombie Holocaust
Dr. Butcher M.D.
Island of the Last Zombies
Medical Deviate
Queen of the Cannibals
Zombie 3
Zombie Massakren
Zombies unter Kannibalen




  1. This movie was not all that good except for the one or two gory moments that stand out. Mainly that scene with the motor engine.

    I always say that the director wanted to mix two successful movies in one: Fulcis Zombie and Rogero Deodato's Canniba Holocaust.

    Thats why we get both zombies and cannibals. Plus the catchy title "Zombie Holocaust"

  2. I enjoyed it when they were in new york, but I think it gets way too slow during the boat ride, and at the island. Also while being a catchy title, there isnt much zombie action in the film.