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One Watch Isnt Enough..

____"The Stuff"(1985)___

Director & Writer:Larry Cohen

(David 'Mo' Rutherford)Michael Moriarty
(Nicole)Andrea Marcovicci
(Jason)Scott Bloom
('Chocolate Chip' Charlie)Garrett Morris
(Colonel Spears)Paul Sorvino

Tag Lines:
"Enough Is Never Enough"
"It's smooth and creamy. Its low calorie and delicious. And it kills. It's The Stuff!"

"WARNING! If you see The Stuff in stores... call the police. If you have it in your home... don't touch it...get out. The Stuff is a product of nature... a deadly living organism. It is addictive and destructive. It can overcome your mind and take over your body... and nothing can stop it."

"It'll change your life forever"
"Are you eating it ...or is it eating you?"

One Watch isn't enough for the Stuff, this movie is just pure cheesy fun. From "Schlock Meister" Larry Cohen, as the DVD deems him. Who is the man behind such films like..
"Q: The Winged Serpent"
"Black Caesar"
"It's Alive" series
"Maniac Cop" series and more.

The Stuff is a horror movie, and social commentary on consumerism, and mainly attacks dessert. There is even a scene where they blow up a McDonald's. The movie revolves around a food product found by 2 miners by accident who tasted the strange white goopy material and decide to sell it because it tastes so good. So imagine the blob mixed with Yogurt, that's pretty much what the stuff is basically. People devour the stuff and if you eat enough, it takes control of you mind and you become a slave to the Stuff. The movie opens up with two miners who stumble upon the Stuff in the snow, escaping out of the earth. If its alien or human is never said, but it is most likely some sort of Alien. They decide to sell the Stuff, and it becomes a hugely popular desert that beats all others. One of the main reasons the Stuff did so well was because of its marketing campaign. You see a lot of the commercials and billboards for the stuff through out the movie which are very 80's. The Ice Cream company angry they are losing so much money from the Stuff decide to hire a former FBI agent to go and get information on what exactly the stuff is. That agent is David 'Mo' Rutherford. Why is his name that?
"They call me that 'cause when people give me money, I always want mo'."


I didn't expect him to be that great of a character at first, but he really grew on me. Mo is pretty damn bad ass in the film. Meanwhile a kid named Jason one night finds the stuff in his fridge move. He then goes on a personal mission to get rid of the evil white goop. So he goes to his local supermarket and trashes the stuff. From knocking down shelves of it in Supermarkets, to throwing the stuff on the floor. Mo tells his girlfriend Nicole about his new job, mainly because she is the head of marketing for the stuff. Mo then goes off to find some clues on the stuff. While out in a strange town looking for answers about some missing executives, he runs into Chocolate Chip Charlie. Chocolate Chip Charlie ran the Chocolate Chip food business until the stuff put him out of business. He's also played by Garrett Morris, who you might know from Saturday Night Live. His character in this movie, is awesome. Constantly reminding you that his hands are "Deadly Weapons" and going around kicking peoples asses. They get in a fight with some of the Stuff-Zombies and it leads to some great gore, with one mans head half kicked in and some stuff oozing out of peoples heads. That's one thing I really enjoyed while watching this, is the gore and effects. Some of the scenes with the Stuff moving is really cool. But some scenes have some obvious green screening, like when Nicole and Jason run from the stuff.


Mo then hears about the incident at the market with Jason. Meanwhile Jason is being harassed by his family, which have become Stuff-Zombies. Jason escapes and Mo takes him away. Mo then takes a plane to where the Stuff factory is. There he poses as a journalist along with Nicole to find out a little more about the stuff. When he doesn't get good answers he decides to follow the trucks the bring the stuff from the mining area. There he takes one of the trucks of the stuff and blows up the mine. He takes the truck to a military base. There he meets Colonel Malcolm Grommett Spears. Hes a paranoid rouge colonel who runs a army, and a radio station. Hes into the conspiracy theories and is slightly racist. With the Colonel, Mo, Nicole, and Jason take down the Stuff and show the truth. Sadly Chocolate Chip Charlie doesn't survive, and dies in a pretty crazy scene. The stuff is banned and destroyed, which by the way, is only killed with Fire I believe. The ending is Jason and Mo going to the head of the Stuff company after it being rebelled against. They learn of their plan of remarketing the Stuff as "The Taste". Mo and Jason make the Presidents of the company eat the stuff and walk away as, what I believe is the police coming. The last scene is a group of smugglers selling the stuff illegally.


The movie is a great 80's campy horror film, with great characters and some great lines. The effects were good, and the message was decent. Larry Cohen really did a great job with this film, and it really shows how much fun the 80's was for horror. The film has a few problems, but I really didn't find any real problems with it. I never felt bored, it was a good entertaining light horror. though it had some freaky scenes like Charlie's death, which is ridiculous. I kinda got tricked by the cover of the film. I thought it was actually a "Melt" movie, because on it it has a guy melting with the stuff coming out of his eyes and mouth. I actually think that's never in the movie. If you like crazy fun horror films this is for you, and I promise wont leave you regretting it.

Gore:3/5 Very little, but when it did, it was effective.
Villians:2.5/5 Theres not too much to the Stuff-Zombies
Best Scene: Chocolate Chip Charlie's death

4 out of 5


"No one is as dumb as I appear to be."
"Don't you know who I am? I am Chocolate-Chip Charlie! My hands are registered with the mid-New Jersey police as lethal weapons, and I eat them guns for breakfast!"
"I will permit this colored man to speak. But speak one word of the Commie party, or one word in code, and I will blow his head off."

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  1. You're right. Although it has been several, several years since I last saw this one, the melt is not in this film if my memory serves me correctly. And yes the Morris part is absolutely a hilarious kinda way.