Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My thoughts on Cube 2..in German

Well yesterday we got Cube fever. What does that mean? Well me and my brother decieded to watch Cube, then Cube 2 Hypercube. The problem was..the only Cube 2 Hyper Cube we could find was in German, But we gave it a try.

____"Cube 2: Hypercube"(2002)___

Well this is gonna be a kinda half assed review, mainly because of the fact I didn't actually get to see the whole thing since it cuts out near the middle. What I can make of it is like in Cube, a group of people are trapped in this giant cube puzzle. But this time around the Cube doesn't really seem as dangerous as before, mainly because of the lack of Traps. The only thing I saw really was this force Field that wrecks this old guy. Another thing is it looks way slicked up, with nice bright white walls, and this time the people arnt in jump suits. Frankly think the Original Cube, but waaaay pussied out. But really I cant say if it gets better or not, mainly because of the fact I couldn't see the whole god damn thing. The story was impossible to understand, because of the German(No Subtitles). But this lead to a pretty fun experience just making up whatever the hell they were saying. The characters in this are some blonde chick, a senile old lady, some guy who likes to threaten people with knifes, a blind chick, a red headed guy, and Jerry who's name I remember because he introduces himself constantly. Hes taking being trapped fairly well. This one doesn't have the grittiness of the original cube, and just seems boring. But like I said, I cant really say anything about it, since I wasn't able to see the whole movie..or understand it.

Skip this, and just see the original.

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