Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bad Bad Whiskey


___"Street Trash"(1987)___

Directed by: J. Michael Muro
(Fred)Mike Lackey
(Bill The Cop)Bill Chepil
(Bronson)Vic Noto
(Kevin)Mark Sferrazza
(Wendy)Jane Arakawa
Tag Lines:
"It melts"
"Just when you thought you had seen it all."
"If you've never seen a melt movie before.... be prepared!"
"Things in New York are about to go down the toilet..."

The 80's gave us a lot of classic B-movies. The Gate, Night Of The Creeps, Motel Hell, CHUD 2:Bud The Chud..And Street Trash. The only film directed by J. Michael Muro, but not the only film he worked on. Mr. Muro has been in the business for a while behind the scenes working Camera and electrical. Hes worked on such cult classics like:
Maniac Cop
The Abyss
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
Dances with Wolves
Terminator 2: Judgment Day

And much more, including this movie Street Trash. He mainly does Steady Cam for all the movies he has worked on. Besides all that, he acted in Strange Days, and did some sound work for Basket Case. Something that bothers me about that tag line "If you've never seen a melt movie before.... be prepared!". First off What the hell are Melt Movies? And what other movies have people melting? Okay you got Incredible Melting Man, The Blob movies, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and..Fuck if I know.

Now on to the plot of Street Trash. The movie revolves on two runaways, Fred and Kevin who are living out on a junk yard. The junk yard is ruled over by Bronson, a Vietnam vet who's mean, angry, and homicidal. In the beginning, he pulls a nerdy man out of his car and shoves his head threw a window shield. Now the movie starts up with Fred, a rather dirty..Torgo looking man getting chased around by people and eventually ends up in a liquor store. The Owner of the store named Ed finds a case of cheap wine called "Tenafly Viper" closed up in a wall, and he decides to sell the stuff for a buck. Fred walks in and steals the "Viper", then leaves. Once outside he is beaten up by old bum named Paulie, and has his liquor stolen by some other bum. This is where you first see it in action, the bum goes over sits on this toilet in a half destroyed building and takes a swig. Well with "Viper", one drink is all it takes, just then he starts to act strangely and he begins to melt up into yellow and blue goo.

I got to say this is one of greatest scenes Ive ever seen, its just amazing. During this scene also you get to see Mr. Muro in action with his steady cam. Now I tried to find out exactly what "Tenafly" meant. All I got was Tenafly New Jersey, and a old 70's TV show called Tenafly. You see a couple meltings in the beginning, one melts and the goop falls on a man's face and burns him to death. So besides melting people, the goop itself can burn others. Now besides that, theres also this side plot on a police officer named Bill, a big scary looking man who wants to bring in Bronson and finding out about just exactly what is going on. This plot is interesting but ends up kinda flat when Bronson kills Bill halfway threw. Another side plot is with Mr. Duran a member of a Mafia and a night club owner, and a Door man.

Now after this you meet Fred's brother Kevin, who's less dirty looking then Fred. Kevin's got the hots for this chick named Wendy, who is looking out for the people looking there. Its also kinda assumed Bronson has a thing for her too as you can tell by the strange dream sequence and the ending. You also see a rather worthless character named Mr. Schnizer, the owner of the junkyard, and a fat, old, bald, dirty man who ALSO has a thing for Wendy, and dry humps her in a pretty amusing scene. That's really all he brings is just a few amusing scenes. Also he gets the VD. The movie seems to forget about the viper half way threw, and brings in the camp and humor for awhile. One of my favorite scenes is where Burt, a older African American Bum, who wears a gas mask, goes and shoplifts some food. I got to say Burt's ether insane of genius because when he leaves from the market, with food in his pants, he puts a plastic bag over his head then goes RIGHT threw the glass and walks off. The only logic I can make out of that is he wanted to protect his face from broken glass. Genius.

Well remember what I said about a 2nd side plot? Well one day Fred goes on a walk and stumbles on a girl throwing up, wasted in a alley. He takes he to his bumy Car fort house, and can guess. After that the bums storm in, grab her and the next day she ends up naked and dead on the ground near a lake. This girl is Mr. Duran's girlfriend, and he blames the Doorman because of what happened. Mr. Duran also sends a hit man after Fred, but luckily Bill is there to save Fred, and kicks the hit man's ass and..Oh my god. Knocks him out and then vomits on his head..nasty. Well that must have got Bill pumped because he then goes after Bronson, and sadly is killed. Bronson to add insult to injury, makes a knife out of Bill's leg. Now the plot remembers itself and brings back "The Viper" again. This time a fat bum drinks it and explodes, Fred sees this and uses it for some revenge. Meanwhile Kevin made his move on Wendy and they go to Mr. Schnizer's office and she gives him a strip tease, only to be interrupted by Bronson. He then chases Kevin, mainly because Wendy disappears. Fred comes the rescue and burns some of Bronson's face with some Viper, but doesn't kill him. Kevin then shoots a air canister at Bronson, leading to another great death.

So it shoots out hits Bronson, and knocks his head off. The scene is filmed well and had me loving every second of it. The scene ends with Kevin and Wendy together and Fred sitting there. The credits start, but the movie doesn't end. It seems that Mr. Duran caught the big mouth Doorman and is about to kill him, but before he does it he takes his "Viper" and melts into a pile of goop. This scene is pretty damn funny and a good way to end a good movie.
This is in no way a great movie, its a B-movie and it knows it. But what it is is a damn fun movie, with good jokes, a lot of Gross out humor, and good death's and gore. One particular scene that comes to mind right now is the game of Keep Away with a hobo's Penis, which was hilarious. If your a fan of fun campy 80's horror, then Street Trash is a must have. Also if your a fan of "Melt" movies.


Meltings: 4/5
Gore: 5/5 For the end
Gross Out: 4/5
Villain: 2/5
Melting count: 7
Naked people count:4
Best Scene: The Shoplifting, the first melt, or Bronson's death.

4 out of 5

"I lost it when Wizzy kicked me in the ass!"
"Well, shit! That ain't my problem brother! Can't help it if your cashiers see dog food for chicken!"


Doesnt he Look like Torgo?

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  1. This movie has some of the craziest moments on any movie...that scene where they play football with the guys penis is insane!

    The melting effects were fun as hell too.