Thursday, July 9, 2009

Those Zany Turks!

Yeah right like there's a trailer..

Directed by:Metin Erksan
Canan Perver(Gül)
Cihan Ünal(Tugrul Bilge)
Meral Taygun(Gül's mother)
Agah Hün(The exorcist)
Erol Amaç(The police chief)
Ekrem Gökkaya(Ekrem)

No Tag lines for this movie, No posters, nope this is gonna be a pretty raw review.
So first off if you didn't know it, this is a Turkish film, and is the Turkish version of the Exorcist. The famous horror movie adapted from William Peter Blatty's book of the same title, and is considered the scariest movie ever made. This has been done countless times, whether from India, Turkey, or Italy.
The movie pretty much is the Exorcist, just with bad acting, Turkish people, different names, bad quality, and a much lower budget. So if you have yet to see the Exorcist(Which if you haven't, you should be ashamed) its about a Archaeologist who finds a mysterious sculpture while excavating, and unleashes a evil demon, that possesses a young girl named Gül because of her messing with an Ouija board. Yes the names have been changed slightly, instead of Regan MacNeil its Gül, instead of Damien Karras its Tugrul Bilge, ect. Another thing that becomes apparent while watching it is the blatant over use of the Exorcist Theme "Tubular Bells". I could have sworn I heard the theme play every 3 minutes, then when the Theme would work well, they don't use it, and instead replace it for a while with generic spooky organ music. The plot has been altered slightly also. Instead of having Damien Karras be a priest, he is just a kind of investigator/researcher. They also don't go too into Father Lankester Merrin's character, he is just there really for the beginning and the end. The weirdest thing by far is the fact they changed Captain Howdy, to Captain Lersan...Why not?
I will give it to the movie, that Gül does look like Regan, but just isnt the same. Some more differences, are the sculpture of the demon, a lot of the religious dialog, and the Cross masturbation scene, which was replaced with Gül stabbing herself repeatedly with a dagger with a devil head. Something I personally found hilarious is when they tried to reproduce some of the effects the original did, like the scene where Regan's mom runs into Regan's room, and everythings flying around. Because of the budget, nothing is flying, but instead the bed is just pushed up bouncing Gül up and down on the bed. The head spin in this version was decent, but was still very very cheesy.

The ending is a trip because Father Lankester Merrin dies, then Tugrul runs over pounds on Merrin's chest a few times, and beats the crap out of Gül, its amazing. Then all of a sudden it cuts to them both a few times, and then Turgul jumps out a window. Then the Investigator character runs down to Turgul, and instead of trying to save his life, asks him questions! What the hell?

Well if you happen to get your hands on this film, I would say give it a look, its pretty damn entertaining. If you don't know where to get it, the whole movie is on YouTube, so look it up.

Cheesiness: 5/5
Effects: 2/5



  1. Sounds like something I might have to see!

    Also, I really dig that Dead Alive poster!

  2. Thanks a lot!
    Yeah that poster is pretty cool, one of my friends sent it to me. I'm a big fan of posters with art, so im a little more partial to that poster, then the original one with.