Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Greatest Italian Hero

_____"Italian Spiderman"(2008)____

Directed by: Alrugo Entertainment
Franco Franchetti
Leombruno Tosca

Tag lines: "Actione, Terrore, Suspenso, Spider!"

If you haven't heard of this great "Movie" before, now you do. Created by Alrugo Entertainment, and filmed in "Spidercolor" this film is a cheesy, sleazy, parody of 60's and 70's Italian movies. This is the 3rd project by Alrugo, a company from Australia, not Italy. The name of the movie pokes fun at foreign rip offs of films, like I showed in my review of "Seytan". I found out about this movie from my friend Danny, and I started watching the "movie", and loved it right away.
The reason im calling it a "Movie" is because its more of a short film then a movie, and is broken up into 10 parts, coming off kinda like a film serial. Each episode is about 3 or 4 minutes long, and open on the Alrugo logo, with a jaguar noise, which is used a lot throughout the series as a sound effect.
The people behind Italian Spiderman, also made up a fake story for their company, Alrugo, which is told in this video here:

The plot of Italian Spiderman is a asteroid crashes into earth during a party. The Asteroid is then taken by professor Bernardi, who finds out it has a substance that when used can make duplicates of people. Bernardi who doesn't want the asteroid to go into the wrong hands gives it to the hero of the movie, Italian Spiderman, a fat, curly haired, mustachioed super hero, who is rude, crude, and one bad mother fucker. Meanwhile Captain Maximum, Italian Spiderman's nemeses then trys to steal the asteroid from Bernardi, and Italian Spiderman. Maximum wears a suit, and a Mexican wrestler mask, and has the power to turn people into snakes, disappear, and control snakes.
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So pretty much the whole movie shows off the bizzareness of Italian Spiderman, who has many strange powers like Teleportation, Flight, Super Strength, Controlls Spiders, Summons Penguins, and has an exploding mustache. He really isn't a rip off, because he doesn't act anything like Spiderman, in fact the only thing they have in common in that spider is in their names. It really is just Awesome, that's really I can say about this series, is that its awesome. The movie is made to look like a old messed up movie, has great acting, and great music in it. Italian Spiderman really does take the cake in this movie, mainly because of how crazy he is. But the person who really steals the show is this one guy.
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I don't really want to say too much about this, because you really got to see it to appreciate the greatness of Italian Spiderman.

Cheesiness: 5/5
Gore: 5/5
Action: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Sleaziness: 5/5

5 out of 5
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(Please Alrugo make more!!)
"Shut your mouth, pussycat, farmi un macchiato! Pronto!"


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  1. LoLz..."Italian Spiderman" is a REAL movie? I thought it was a comedy skit...

  2. Well..Its practically a movie..or could be considered a Film Serial. its 10 parts and each are about 4 or 5 minutes long. I enjoyed it anyway.

  3. That's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.