Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DVD killed the Video star

Well today I am going to let out my frustrations on a thing Ive been thinking about recently, and that's...
______DVD Vs. VHS_______
[Picure coming soon]

Well im kinda torn between which I like better. DVD's are lighter, have fun stuff like special features, commentary, and other things that VHS movies couldn't do because of the limitations of the Tape. But then again DVD's get fucked up pretty easy, and once it starts skipping its pretty much ruined. VHS movies don't really skip, and don't break easy, worst thing that could happen is if you spill something on it, or if its eaten by your VCR. Another thing I liked about VHS is the strange experience of watching a movie on it. Putting the cassette in to learn you haven't rewound it to the beginning then having to stop the movie, then rewind it to the beginning. Then you see a few adds(Maybe) and the movie starts. If your VCR's tracking isnt right the tape looks all strange with lines going across or the picture is endlessly going up or down while it plays. That brings up another good aspect of the VHS tape, is the fact when you stop watching the film, it stays on the part you left off on. Something DVD's don't do, instead they have stuff like chapter selection. It isn't the same.

Another problem with DVD's are the controls. If you lose that controller, you are powerless. A basic DVD player has only the following options: Open/Close, Power, Select, and stop. For fast forwarding and other things you need the control, which is just a bitch. VCR's have all the buttons you need right there, the only way you would need a control is ether your lazy, or the buttons stuck

While on the side of DVD's, the movies got stuff like different audio tracks for people who dont speak English, and specail features. Special features are basically things like Trailer, maybe a documentary, a interview, a making of, and commentary. Not every DVD has it, but most do. Thats something VHS couldn't do because of the limitations to cassette. While the DVD library is still growing, a lot of films that where on VHS have yet to come onto DVD. This is where a lot of bootleggers make business, they copy the VHS film onto DVD and sell it at their comic store, or at swap meets/conventions. Another thing is the cases. VHS first had very big cases with a big picture on the front for the movie, then it down graded into a shitty cardboard case that would get destroyed easily and then you just got the raw tape. A lot of Video stores put little plastic shells over the case so as to not destroy it and that makes it a lot harder to get the VHS out of the box. DVD's have about 2 kinds a cases, not including special editions with different cases. The first is the cheapy cardboard case with little taps to hold it together. These just sucked. Then the plastic case came. They were light, and small about the size of the last but the picture on the cover was made just from regular paper, instead of card board, and put in the plastic case behind the thin layer of protective plastic. This still doesnt protect it much, because if you spill something on it it will go threw and just ruin your case. And dont get me started on if a animal pees on it.

So its complicated. I will admit DVD's are a big step ahead of VHS and fixed a lot of the problems the Cassettes had, but they have a lot of problems also. Mostly with the scratching. the only time I saw a disk done right is with the PSP games. Instead of being a scratchable disk, its protected in a plastic shell. Its genius, there is almost no way to scratch it unless you purposefully stick something in the small slit in the case. If only DVD's were made like that.
Another thing that pisses me off is Blu-Ray. Why when I get all these films on DVD and have a nice collection, does something else pop up and just make me have to buy it all over again. Its stupid.

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