Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Growing Pains

______"The Pit"(1981)________
Unfortunately there is none that I can find, so instead here is a clip!

Directed by: Lew Lehman
Written by: Ian A. Stuart

Sammy Snyders(as Jamie)
Jeannie Elias(as Sandy)

Tag lines:
“Jamie wouldn't kill anyone...unless Teddy told him to!”
“Down in the pit there's something alive. Half-human half-monster half-crazed. Prey to God it only kills you.”
Alternate names:
Teddy, la mort en peluche(Canada)
Bamsens hemmelighed(Denmark)
Die Grube des Grauens(Germany)

So I first heard of this movie from a little site called KinderTrauma( http://www.kindertrauma.com/ )a place that talks about all the things that traumatized people as kids, and I found it looking up another B-Movie, "Mac and Me" and came upon their list of top 10 Wheel Chair movies, and I saw the clip of Jamie throwing the old lady into the pit and I knew I had to see this film...but I didn’t expect really what I then saw once I had gotten it.

So the Pit is about a 12 year old kid named Jamie who is a problem child, and by problem child I mean man does this kid have problems. Besides the fact he has no friends, and is socially awkward, he has a imaginary Friend named “Teddy” (Which is his teddy bear of course) and has a pit full of Trollish ape creatures (called Tra-la-las in the movie) that he feeds everyday.
See problems.
Well The Pit is about misunderstood, 12 year old Jamie Benjamin who is either autistic or just plain weird. Jamie talks to his Teddy bear “Teddy” plays pranks, and acts generally like a kid. It seems though everyone Jamie knows dislikes him, his parents, neighbors, teachers, librarians, ect. But Jamie has a secret, in the middle of the woods near his house is a pit (Obviously this movie has to have something to do with a pit). What’s in that pit im not sure of. Jamie calls them Tra-la-logs/Trogs. You don’t see them really until the middle of the film, and even then its too dark to tell how they look. One cool thing is you occasionally see threw their point of view, and apparently they see in yellowish red. By the end of the film you see that they’re these strange bear, troll like creatures. The costume for it in the movie isn’t the best in monster movie history, but its decent. Jamie is the care taker of the pit, and the Tra-la-logs, and feeds them occasional scraps and pieces of meat. But when he cant produce enough, he starts feeding them the people who bully him.

That’s the basic run down of Jamie, now the plot.

His parents leave for a vacation and leave Jamie in the hands of a woman named Sandy who wants to be a child psychologist. Jamie falls in love with her because shes so nice with him, but age differences and other things obviously make it impossible for him to be with her. But that doesn't stop Jamie, the little pervert goes threw the whole first half of the movie trying to see her naked, and does(Even gets his neighbor to get undressed). This just bothers Sandy more, especially when Jamie mentions the Trogs...

Jamie runs out of food for the little critters, and his friend Teddy suggests why not people? But not just any regular old Joe shmoe. He starts to feed the people who have abused him, and people hes not that fond of. This leads to a pretty damn funny montage of Jamie tricking people into falling into a hole, which looks so easy in the film. Jamie feeds the Trogs Freddy, Christina(as seen in the beginning of the film), Abergail, Mr. Oliphant, Sandy's Boyfriend, and eventually Sandy in a accident. Sandy when finally seeing the Trogs falls into the pit, Jamie throws a rope to save her, but its too late. Jamie runs off and leaves the rope their for the Trogs to escape. This is where you say goodbye to Jamie, and it goes into the Monster movie sequence, where you see the Trogs terrorize and kill. Eventually a group of hunters kill the Trogs.

It then cuts to Jamie at his relative's place where he meets a girl, who wants to show him something in the woods. The girl leads Jamie to a pit, similar to his and pushes him in. The movie ends with Jamie falling into the whole screaming.

This movie caught me by surprise with the strange story, creepy atmosphere. The movie creeped and disturbed me in a way I cant really describe, just kinda gives you that vibe. The movie also doesn't disappoint with the nudity, showing a lot through out the film from shower scenes, to skinny dipping. The movie isn't a perfect one obviously, and there is a few things that bothered me. One the acting isn't the best, but then again a lot of low budget 80's horror flicks don't have award winning acting. Another thing is the fact you don't see a lot of the monster. Even as it escapes its still kinda hard to make out. While on the monster, it really isn't that remarkable, and kinda cartoonish looking.

I recommend this as a rent, but only if you can find it, its pretty rare(at lest where I live it is). But if your a fan of B 80's flicks you will find this pretty entertaining.



3 Girls bikes out of 5(My regular computer got a virus, so when it starts working again ill post the picture for the rank)


Jamie: Abergail's missing and so is Mrs. Oliphant, aren't they? And Freddy and Christina... They don't eat chocolate bars. You know what they eat?


  1. Love this one, the teddy bear is the greatest!

  2. I'm proud (or embarrassed) to say that I still own a copy of this on VHS. I bought it for a couple of bucks several years ago in a clearance sale at a video shop. It's known as one of our Canuxplotation movies here in Canada.

    I think I read somewhere that the actor who played Sammy Snyders is a dance teacher in Toronto.

    I always wondered whatever happened to Jeannie Elias. I always thought she was cute.