Monday, June 8, 2009


Well this is a sort of long story, so lets get threw this quick and easy. I bought John Water's "Polyester" about a year ago in my local DVD shop, and it said that it had a Odorama Card in it(which was the main selling point to me, otherwise I probably would have bought Eraserhead or Welcome To The Dollhouse). Whats Odorama? Well back when Mr. Waters film was in theaters, it had a gimick where you would get this scratch and sniff card, to smell at diffrent points in the film. Each smell was something nasty, in typical John Waters fashion. Well I bought the DVD and to my dismay, no Oderama Card. Well I have been looking for a card for awhile now and finally I have found one, thanks to my dad, and its the one used when it was in theaters so its extra big. So im happy about that.

(Picture coming soon)

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