Sunday, May 31, 2009

From Inside My Storage

So here's some of the crap I pulled out of my dads storage shack(Its practically a shack)
1.)Demon Wind(With holographic box)VHS
2.)Day Of The Dead VHS
3.)Signs VHS
4.)Flesh Gordon VHS
5.)Billy The Kid Vs. Dracula VHS
6.)Varney The Vampire Book
7.)Son Of The Golden Turkey Book
8.)Creepshow Comic(Which I will be posting more of soon)
9.)The Beast VHS
10.)Return Of The Living Dead 2 VHS
11.)Hercules VHS
12.)Phantom Of The Opera VHS
13.)Eating Raoul VHS
14.)Sigmund The Sea Monster VHS
15.)A Bride Of Frankenstein poster
16.)A King Kong Poster
17.)A Werewolf Of London Poster
18.)5 Fingers Of Death/King Boxer VHS
19.)A Frankenstein hand puppet
20.)A Rat Fink Doll
21.)A Signed Giger Necronomicon
22.)A prop from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"

So that's pretty awesome..looking forward for reviews of these.
(Thinking of doing Billy The Kid Vs. First)


  1. Demon Wind - I remember the holographic box but never took the bait on renting it. It'd be interesting to hear about film and the Creepshow comic.

  2. I have the first 3 pages posted, ill post more today.
    Also the box was kinda ruined by the video store I got it from(Super Duper Video). It was put in a big box, but it was a small card board box, so to make it fit they cut it. But the holograph on it is probably the reason I got it in the first place.