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2 Heads Are Shlockier then 1

____"The Thing With 2 Heads"(1972)______

Directed by: Lee Frost
Ray Milland
"Rosey" Grier

Tag lines:
"They transplanted a white bigot's head on a soul brother's body!"
"And now with the fights, the Fuzz, the chicks and the choppers...Man, they're really in deeeeep trouble!"
"The doctor blew it--the most fantastic medical experiment of the age."
"They share the same body... but hate each others guts!"

A movie I heard of while looking at some old movie trailers, this one really did catch my eye. For one its about a guy with 2 heads running amok...that's fucking awesome! Now lets make it better..lets have one be a racist, and the other a "Soul Brotha' " as the trailer says. But lets not stop there; throw in a two headed gorilla and some chase scenes. Now this movie is sounding much more awesome. We can just list the Exploitation in this film from Blaxploitation to Apesploitation! Also goes into the two headed monster sub-genre; which this DVD has another movie that we will get to eventually, called "The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant". Now lets focus on the director here; Lee Frost. Hes made a shit-ton of bad movies; just to name a few...
House on Bare Mountain, Mondo Freudo, Mondo Bizarro, Hot Spur, Love Camp 7, Chain Gang Women, Zero in and Scream, The Black Gestapo, and much more. He even plays a character in this film; Sergeant Hacker. Also helped Produce the great "Race with the Devil".

His career started with making commercials. He then got his first film done in the early 60's with "Surftide 77". He went on to make a crap ton of Exploitation films, from soft core, to shockumentaries. Most of his 60's films were made for trash movie producer Bob Cresse. Hes literally done every kind of exploitation film imaginable. His last being a direct to video soft-core flick called Private Obsession. Lee died at the age of 71 on May 25, 2007. The writer, Wes Bishop helped Lee with most of the films, and also wrote "Race With The Devil". While talking about the cast, we cant forget to mention Ray Miland in this. The great Ray Miland has been in a shit load of movies, and always gives a great performance. Then we got Rosey Grier who was a former Los Angles Ram, and did a bunch of TV shows. He became a ordained minister in 83.

The movie is about the Racist Bigot; Dr. Maxwell Kirshner(Milland) who is bound to a wheel chair and dying. He has been working on experiments to some how find a way to save himself. He then figures out that he can graph his head onto another body then take it over. He tests his theory with an experiment involving surgically transferring the head of a gorilla to the body of another. The process takes a while to work, mainly because the other head needs time to start the take over. Thus making a two headed Gorilla creature, Genius! This has to be the most awesome gorilla costume I've ever seen. Why? TWO HEADS! Come on its a fucking Gorilla with two heads. Imagine it; double the wackiness and double the Hilarity!

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The Creature eventually escapes and causes a ruckus in town. Dr. Kirshner sends a few scientists to go capture the Ape, which they find in a mini-mart eating bananas. You could say that that Apes went bananas and split! Har Har Har.
With The Dr. hanging on by a limb they decide to try and get a body for him quickly, which leads us to Jack. Jack(Rosey) is in prison for Murder, and is about to be executed. He says hes innocent, and was framed. So the doctors taking car of Kirshner ask if they can get one of the death row convicts to agree to give thier body for science to help Dr. Kirshner. Jack about to be fried in the Electric chair agrees to it. Once there they knock Rosie out, and begin the surgery. They first cut off Kirshners head and hook it up to a life support system and then attach him to Jack. This scene is pretty well shot, and the effects are pretty god damn good for such a corny movie like this. Well once attached to his new body Kirshner is ecstatic till he finds out..his new body is Jack's. He deals with this hard, but not as hard as Jack does when he realizes what had been done to him. He retaliates but is put back into sedation.

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Now for this to go off well, Kirshner has to be attached to Jack for awhile, till he can have full control over jacks body, then they will get rid of Jack's head and put Kirshner's there instead. Jack on the otherhand has a diffrent plan. After easily knocking out a nurse(My god are nurses useless when it comes to monsters, mutations and freaks of nature) he makes his escape along with the new Doctor, Fred Williams.
He takes Fred as a hostage, and he also dislikes Kirshner because he gave him crap earlier on. The rest of the film is one really, really..Very long car chase with the doctors and cops. Then a LONG Bike chase. The constant argueing between Jack and Kirshner which are mainly consisted of Kirshner bitching and Jack telling him to shut up. That's all Kirshner really does in this movie, bitch and be racist. Now, the chase scene is insane, its just a bunch of bumbling cops wrecking cars all over the place, its ridiculous. So finally they escape to Jack's girlfriend's; there they stay the night and eat. Dr. Williams agrees to help Jack get Kirshner off his body. Its also revealed that Jack was framed. Luckly for Kirshner, he finds out he has gained control over Jacks body and escapes to cut off Jacks head himself. Unfortunatly for him Dr. Williams saves the day and stops Kirshner by just saying the sentence "..don't do it." Wow..that's anti-climactic. No fight?, no struggle? I mean Kirshner could have easily killed Dr. Williams or at lest knock him out and finish the

Well Dr. Williams gets rid of Kirshner's head, leaving him there on a table and drives off with Jack and Patricia(Jacks girl)while singing.
Once thing I wondered is what happened to the side story about Jack being framed? They never end it, and just leave it wide open, so you never really know if Jack's innocent or not. Also Jack's still considered a criminal, and even if he proves his innocence, he still ran from the cops, and demolished at lest 18 police vehicles.

This movies fun, but thats really it, a campy cheesy B-movie thats fun to see. If you happen to find this movie I suggest getting it in the "Midnight Movies" double feature pack. That way you get two, Two headed monster movies, instead of one. And don't worry about price, I got mine for 7$. I loved how Jack and Kirshner look when joined, its hilariously cheesy. So overall, if your a fan of cheesy movies, then buy it; its a must for any B-Movie fan, but otherwise its a rent or download.

Oh and one more thing, I got to say how ridiculous the poster looks. It looks kinda like the art on the boxes for the old big Gi-Joe toys, and the way Grier and Milland look is so hilarious..
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Deaths/Gore:1/5 No one really dies, except I swear to god one car wrecks so bad, there's no way the cop survived
Monster:4/5 They do say 2 heads are better then one..
Final verdict:

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4 Double Monkey heads out of 5

Just a fun movie, great for a party, or if you just like B-Movies

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"What the hell is the matter with you, Moss? Get back to bed!"
" You jive."

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