Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Perfect Blue" Review

____________"Perfect Blue"_______________
This is a Japanimation movie based on some book..Like I care..Now the story is about a pop star called Mima Kirigoe who's part of a pop band called "CHAM!" who try's to break away from pop star-dome to be an actress and is being guided by her friend Rumi .
She starts off by doing small lines, but then gets bigger roles thanks to her manager..She is also being stalked by a obsessive Fan, Me-Mania. Meanwhile, there are bad things happening on set, like bombs, and other various accidents. Mima then Stumbles upon a website that tells people what she did all day, and her thoughts.
Mima's parts get bigger and bigger, and she tries to escape her pop star persona and be a actress. This causes her to see a visions of herself as her pop star persona, who taunts her, calling her a faker, and that the vision is the real Mima. This kinda gets out of hand when she does a Rape scene for a movie and does nudie pictures for some magazine. After these things start, she slowly falls apart, and looses grip with reality, and who she is. Especially when people start dying by what seems to be her hand.(Oooh my the ice pick in the eye...)
So at this point its going all Inland Empire and you dont know if its Me-Mania, Rumi, or Mima Killing off people.
You then learn later on it is that obsessive fan has been manipulated by Rumi to kill members of the movie/TV show that Mima was working on and then ultimately try and kill her.
Luckily she gets away and then is confronted by an insane Rumi who believes shes Mima and tries to kill her, calling her fake. This leads to a strange chase scene ending with Mima being stabbed 3 times, and then stabbed by an umbrella, and then getting almost killed by a car. but Luckily Rumi..gets fucked over by broken glass..ew...The movie ends with Rumi in the mental ward and Mima seemingly okay..

I liked this movie mainly because, it doesn't leave you feeling bored and its treated like an actual movie..which is good..also the voice acting was good, and the animation was good, but the design on Me-Mania was kinda strange..

Gore:3/5 Pick threw eye..
Survivor Girl:4/5 well there isn't much to say about her, she goes from innocent pop star to actress to porn start to innocent in one movie
Theme:2/5 Hate J-Pop
Villain:2/5 This movie is pretty predictable, but I did not expect her friend to be the villain..though she wasn't that great of one..
Overall:3/5 Its good, worth a see, and maybe a buy...


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