Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movie Poster Of The Day # 3

Poster Of The Day:
"Werewolves On Wheels"


I love this poster...a lot.
For one the art is bad ass, very pulp and has a nice look to it, very dynamic.
First off the colors of the poster work very well, and give it a very pulp-ish look to it. Probably the first thing you will see is the beautifully drawn werewolf, looking bad ass on his motor cycle, with a snake around him and a hot chick at his side, upside down. And if that's not crazy enough, shes got a skull around her finger.
And then to the left side there looks what is ether a cult of some sort setting fire to some guy.
Then at the bottom, there's a man lying in the way of the Harley riding Lycanthrope, and is about to be mince meat. Then to the right is another, non werewolf motor who cared about him, this isn't humans on wheels, its "WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS"!

Also love the tag line, "This Gang Thought It Was Tough...Till It Found A New Type Of Hell...The Bride Of Satan!"
I loved this poster at first glance, and I actually happily own a copy of it, which is hanging on my wall. I mean come on Werewolves On Wheels..THAT'S BAD ASS!

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