Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Horror Video Game Of The week: March, Week 1

So I'm a big video game fan(Mostly older games) but I saw previews for this game and had to get it..But it was hard..

What game might I be talking about?...
"Stubb's The Zombie" for the Xbox(Original)
This game had a lot going for it, its gore, its humor, its references, soundtrack, and the fact you play a Zombie, and not some random hero in a zombie holocaust...No your Stubbs', Rebel Without A Pulse, a Zombie with a mission.

Now when I actually found the game, I was pleasantly surprised by the great cover seen below:

This game plays pretty much like Halo(Has the Halo engine after all)had the same kinda of feel as the "Destroy All Humans'" series.

So the story is, your Stubb's, a zombie who wakes up in the middle of the city Punchbowl, a futuristic Utopia set in a 50's-ish city made by Andrew Monday and his teams of scientists, led by former Nazi scientist Dr. Hermann Wye.
Stubb's automatically causes mayhem in the city streets, as he goes around eating brains and making a army of undead in the process that you can command..only down fall to it is they're pretty stupid..(Well they are zombies) and take awhile to get use to commanding them, but they do help out a lot in tough areas.
So why Stubbs is alive and what his goal is a mystery at the beginning of the game, but it all unravels quite nicely.


Stubb's was a door to door sales man who got tangled up with a hilly billy girl named Maggie Monday and they have sex..which leads to her father Otis Monday to shoot and kill him..which brings us to Stubb's now
Now alive again, and ready for vengeance Stubb's and his undead army go to end some unfinished business. Stubb's destroys Punchbowl, takes down the police,(Which is one of my favorite parts because of the dance battle), Kills Otis Monday, and eventually get to Andrew Mondays home and reunites with his lost love Maggie Monday, and..Eats her brains..

Andrew now pissed because his city is infested with zombies, and is destroyed goes after Stubb's himself in a battle, but Stubb's is victorious and goes after Andrew, but Maggie, now a zombie, convinces him to spare him. The game ends with Stubb's and Maggie sailing off on a small rowboat, kissing as Andrew and all of Punchbowl are destroyed by a nuclear bomb, and "live" happily ever after.

In the game Stubb's has a variety of weapons like stick bomb(Him farting), a organ bomb he throws, the power to bowl his own head and explode it, using his arm to take over people, and various melee moves.

Now after all that why didn't the game get so popular?
Well for one it was hard to find, I could barley find any stores that carried it.
Another problem was the fact it was long, and repetitive, with most of it just being walking very slow to eating peoples brains over and over, and the humans always saying the same things. Another problem was the lack luster music used in the game, while they had alot of good songs made for the soundtrack to the game, they barley used it..the only part I hear the songs are in the menu screen, and the dance off.

Its not the worst game, but its not the best game, anyway I still love it, mostly because of the fact your playing a zombie.


They got a lot of famous bands to do covers of old songs for the soundtrack, and even some original stuff
Song list:
1."Lollipop" (Ben Kweller)
2."My Boyfriend's Back" (The Raveonettes)
3."Earth Angel" (Death Cab for Cutie)
4."Shakin' All Over" (Rose Hill Drive)
5."Strangers in the Night" (Cake)
6."There Goes My Baby" (The Walkmen)
7."Everyday" (Rogue Wave)
8."All I Have to Do Is Dream" (The Dandy Warhols)
9."Mr. Sandman" (Oranger)
10."If I Only Had a Brain" (The Flaming Lips)
11."Tears on My Pillow" (Clem Snide)
12."Lonesome Town" (Milton Mapes)
13."The Living Dead" (Phantom Planet)

(Possible Sequel)
There's a Possible sequel coming out of this game, and hopefully if it does come, it has another soundtrack, and some better game play.

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