Saturday, February 21, 2009

Movie Poster Of The Day

Im gonna be doing this everyday now:
Todays movie poster will be..

"Blood Beach"
I haven't seen this movie, but after a Tag line like that it makes me wounder what a movie about killer SAND will be like..
Also love the Jaws Tag line Parody..its so freaking stupid..And the girls expression and the fact her arms are pointing in both directions..Genius..
This movie is Genius..I want to buy this poster now..I mean come on this is freaking crazy

Killer Beach..Not a killer on a beach..not some monster who kills people on beaches..its the beach do you stop rocks, sand and earth!? it possessed?..maybe its tired of them damn liter-bugs..Who knows..
I mean this a serious movie?..I don't think anyone..who worked on a movie about a "killer" beach that swallows people would think
"Man this is going to be a HIT!..Who doesn't want to see people on a beach killed by SAND!"
No..this is Silly..
Just Silly..

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