Sunday, February 22, 2009

Movie Poster Of The Day 2

Today's poster is:
"Blood Freak"


This poster is just freaky..
First off what the hell does that Tag line mean?..
"A 20th. Century Horror Beyond Belief"
Does that mean this horror movie is so crazy, its beyond belief or..what?
And why the "20th. Century" thing?..Is it reminding the person who's looking at the poster what century they are living in?
Also why does only the blood of drug addicts satisfy him? it the drugs..or is it the fact they take drugs, and why blood?..well the title is "Blood Freak"..

Also they make the mask look much much better then it actually looks in the movie

Well aside from all that I like the poster, has decent art, and makes me want to see it.


  1. nice vintage posters, all around good taste

  2. Thanks, this poster stood out alot to me, im gonna get to reviewing this movie soon.