Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Racist Resistance

______"The Black Six"(1974)_______

Directed by: Matt Cimber
(Bubba Daniels)Gene Washington
(Kevin Washington)Joe Greene
(Bookie Garrett)Mercury Morris
(Frenchy LaBoise)Lem Barney
(Tommy Bunka)Willie Lanier
(Bro Williams)Carl Eller Jr.
Tag Lines:
"See the 6 biggest, baddest and best waste 150 motorcycle dudes!"
"Six Times Tougher Than 'Shaft'! Six Times Rougher Than 'Superfly'!"

Remember when you could get 2 movies for a dollar at the dollar store? Well here's one of those. This little gem of Blaxploitation greatness literally came out of no where. I just suddenly found it while looking through some old boxes. Its great to see that you can get such a strange, shitty movie, for just a dollar..Awesome. Me being a sucker for nice covers, let me talk a little bit about the case, since its not a case at all. ITS JUST A PIECE OF CARDBOARD!

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What the hell? Its just a little envelope made of cardboard. The other dollar double features they sell have plastic cases; while being very thing. But I guess its cheaper, so its whatever makes it easier to sell. So on the cover of this is all of the Black Six, their names, Who Plays them and what team they were on. The case also opens up and has a little preview of the other titles they put out.Then there is this little slot like thing where the disk goes. Thats got to be bad for the DVD. Okay Enough about the cheap ass DVD case; Lets get to the movie.

This movie starts out with a interracial Couple at a Football Field at night. The two are Jenny King and Eddie Daniels. They are there, even though they know they could get caught and be in big trouble. If you don't wanna get caught, why go on a fucking football field? Now apparently they are meeting each other at night because they live in a southern town without pity, that is full of racists. The couple is then attacked by Jenny's Brother Moose and his gang. Moose and his gang take Jenny away and beat Eddie to death with chains right on the field. It then cuts to the Black Six, who are riding in a horizontal line on the road with their funky 70's theme song playing, which is pretty good considering what this movie is.

Now here's who the Black Six are, they are played by 6 football players; and are in a motor cycle gang, that goes and promotes "Peace & Love" even though they themselves are hypocrites, and go around beating the shit out of people. Obviously inspired by Easy Rider, this movie is no where near the brilliance of Easy Rider in any way, shape or form.
Now the members are:
Gene Washington (San Francisco 49ers) as Bubba Daniels
Joe Greene (Pittsburgh Steelers) as Kevin Washington
Mercury Morris (Miami Dolphins) as Bookie Garrett
Lem Barney (Detroit Lions) as Frenchy LaBoise
Willie Lanier (Kansas City Chiefs) as Tommy Bunka
Carl Eller (Minnesota Vikings) as Jr. Bro Williams

Each looks pretty silly, wearing really cheesy looking 70's clothes. Now what could The Black Six's first big act of heroism in this movie be? Taking down power mad racists? Saving a child from a car about to mow him down? No, they Put Hay in a barn. Yup, The Black Six are helping one of the creepiest and nicest old lady I have ever seen. She lets them stay with her for awhile and feeds them. This has a really silly scene where a Police officer comes by, here it is
Cop:"You Know How Those People Are.."
Old Lady:"Yes..I know how they..are"
Reading it doesn't really give it the credit this scene deserves. The Black Six take off and end up in a diner, full of Racists. Kinda like Easy Riders, but once again, no where near as good. Once getting the cold shoulder from the people in the Diner, Bubba starts to promote "Peace & Love". Then they proceeds to go and beat up nearly everyone in the place. They even start to tear it down. One thing that really bugged me about this, is one of The Black Six pins one of the racists against a wall with one foot, and its just one of those weird things that kinda make no sense.
Bubba gets a letter from his Mother and goes back to his home town to get vengeance. Around this time in the movie, you start to see less and less of Black Six, and it just becomes The Black One. He goes home, gets yelled at by his brother-I mean sister. She tricked me at first, I actually thought it was a guy. She says he's being a Uncle Tom. He ignores his family and goes investigating his brother's death. Finally he gets some information from a drunk in a bar. The scene starts to drag on, and goes in a weird direction, talking about how the drunk was never there for his son. Was this scene needed? I mean do I really need to know this guy and his relationship with his son? Bubba confronts and challenges Moose. They decide to fight on a big hill. Bubba gets the Black Six and go to fight Moose, and his gang of really weird looking guys. The weirdest would be the guy who kinda looks like Woody Allen in a wool sweater. Well The Black Six literally kill what seems to be hundreds of racist white bikers in a horrible mess of a action scene. I really fucking hate jump cuts in action scenes. Then suddenly some flairs/dynamite are thrown, and someone explodes and it ends. That's it, explosion then credits. Is this supposed to be another reference to Easy Rider? Then some text appears saying that if any white man mistreats a black person, the Black Six will come back.

Well this movie is bad, but I would go so far as to say its so bad its decent. I mean it entertaining, and pretty ridiculous. The acting sucked, music was okay, quality was shitty, and I didn't really care for the characters. If your a fan of Blaxsploitation then check it out, or if your into B- movies. Otherwise screw it.

Nudity:1/5 The only scene with it, is with a old hooker.
Theme:4/5 The tune is catchy, the words are retarded.
Best Scene:
Fight in the diner

2 out of 5

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